Enforce Krav Maga

Date: 09-03-2015

Rating: 5 Stars

Review Title: Great experience!  Jeff runs a great Krav Program

Review: Great experience!  Jeff runs a great Krav Maga training group.  Awesome coaches.  Eye opening experience.  Everyone should take up a fighting sport & Krav offers the best real world training.   You never know.   Highly recommend

If you want to learn a very applicable self defense system, have a blast doing so, and work out with the friendliest bunch of people then come to Enforce Krav Maga. I’ve been coming here about 8 months and honestly look forward to the days when I can work out. (I would come Monday thru Thursday if my Wife would allow it 😉 Krav Maga is practical and easy to implement. Head instructor and owner Jeff Anderson is an excellent teacher, patient and thorough with his instruction. The students are very welcoming and want you, not only to succeed but have fun doing so. You end the class a more self assured person, tired but happy. Oh and also a sweaty mess Come check it out with the free introductory class. Like me, I’m sure you will be hooked.

I seriously cannot say enough about this facility to accurately convey how impressed I am with it. The instructor, Jeff, is incredible, knows every student’s name after the 1st day, and gives everyone personalized pointers as he walks around the class. You get a great workout (and everyone else is correct, you can be totally out of shape or at peak fitness and still get what you need here), learn excellent means to defend yourself in a plethora of situations, and REALLY have fun! Since my first lesson (which was a free trial), the volume of students has risen dramatically, which shows you just how great it is here! If you’re still skeptical after seeing all of the people here raving about Jeff’s teachings, call and ask about trying a lesson! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!.

Awesome place to learn real world fighting skills and get a great workout..

I had an awesome time at Enforce last night. Everyone, especially the owners were extremely friendly amd helpful. What a workout!!! I will be back as soon as i can and will definitely become a member!!!! Ray

“For many years I had this desire of taking self-defense classes, but unfortunately I was never able to do it. About a year ago something happened that really change my mind set and made me deside to take self-defense classes. My wife and I head to work, and my mother in law stayed at home. Five minutes after we left somebody started knocking on the door, very persistent and continuously, since nobody opened he decided to knock the door off and go into the house. Luckily, nothing happened, but after the experience your mindset changes and you definitely want to be prepare in case anything ever happen. This is how I came to Jeff Anderson; a friend of mine recommended me Krav Maga classes, I research a lilttle and ended up in Enforce Krav Maga. Since day one I’ve been learning. Krav Maga really pushes your physicall, and mental abilities to react and perform under any circumstances. Some of my favorites are the stress drill that we do in class, where you can really see how different your body react when you are under stress. I enjoy Krav Maga lessons very much, and Jeff is amazing. Jeff knows how to teach in a simple, concrete and effective way, that will help you understand and apply the techniques and concepts right away. So, I guess the only thing to say is come, give us a try and experience Krava Maga..